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One year ago I drove a loaded mini van with family and friends to bury Daddy at West Point.
With flashing lights and escorts, we drove from our hotel to the Old Cadet Chapel. It was a beautiful fall day with a bright blue sky and picturesque fall colors. As we drove in silence, Bobby played the Lonesome Dove theme for us. The combination of the powerful music, the beautiful day, and the solemness of the event was overwhelming but so perfect.
We drove through the majestic West Point campus, were honored with countless salutes, and had an emotional service complete with gun salutes, presenting Mama with a flag, and thanking Daddy for his service.
I was overcome with pride to be Captain Mark Lee's daughter and I am 100% confident that we made the right choice on where to lay Daddy to rest externally.
The next day when we left our hotel at 4:30AM to go home, I was once again the driver. Everyone in the car fell asleep except for Mama and I. It was still dark out and the roads were empty. We went around a corner and all of a sudden there was a huge buck on the side of the highway staring right at us. I froze and didn't serve or slow down or anything...and the deer just stared at us as we passed. Mama looked at me and said, "that was your dad saying goodbye".

LEE, Mark Edward (I11)
2  PEDRONI, Petrus Maria (I2266)
3  PEDRONI, Joannes Maria Vincentius (I2268)
4  SCERRI, Maria Jacobina Metildes (I2279)
5  CADRA, Maria Catharina Giacinta (I2281)
6  PRICE, Mary (I2283)
7  TECCA, Christophori (I2297)
8  VAROZZA, Joseph Maria (I2298)
9  PRICE, John W. (I2300)
10  VAROZZA, Maria Dominica (I2301)
11  PRICE, Arabella (I2313)
12  CADRA, Maria Orsola (I2318)
13  CADRA, Gelindo (I2319)
14  CADRA, Pietro (I2320)
15  EDWARDS, Catherine (I2323)
16  HALL, Earl Dewey (I2347)
17  HALL, William Owen (I2352)
18  HALL, Martha Jane (I2354)
19  HALL, Ludema Clementine (I2357)
20  HALL, Marena Almeda (I2358)
21  RUSCONI, Gottardo (I2363)
22  CADRA, Emil Ceaser (I2374)
23  HALL, Elizabeth Caroline (I2386)
24  GAY, Ethel Alice (I2403)
25  GAY, Kenneth Robert (I2404)
26  ROSE, Alexander Floyd Judge (I2410)
27  BONHAM, Hannah (I2422)
28  BONHAM, Sarah (I2424)
29  BONHAM, Eliza (I2425)
30  BONHAM, Alsa (I2439)
31  BONHAM, Ephriam (I2442)
32  BONHAM, Catherine (I2443)
33  BONHAM, Zilphia (I2444)
34  BONHAM, Moses (I2454)
35  RUNYON, Vincent (I2461)
36  RUNYON, Ann (I2462)
37  RUNYON, Mary (I2463)
38  SCERRI, Maria Magdalena (I2464)
39  WILLIAMS, Joseph (I2473)
40  BONHAM, Isaiah (I2478)
41  BONHAM, Zephania (I2479)
42  BONHAM, Jeremiah (I2483)
43  BONHAM, Uriah (I2484)
44  BONHAM, Jacob Jr. (I2497)
45  WILLIAMS, John (I2510)
46  RUNYON, Thomas Jr. (I2512)
47  WILLIAMS, Isaac (I2513)
48  BONHAM, Zedekiah (I2514)
49  WILLIAMS, Sarah Sallie (I2519)
50  SCERRI, Petrus (I2524)

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