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Ticino, Switzerland



Matches 51 to 75 of 75

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
51 PEDRONI, Joannes Antoni  Abt 1705Ticino, Switzerland I2727
52 PEDRONI, Joannes Maria  Abt 1732Ticino, Switzerland I2830
53 PEDRONI, Josephi  Abt 1703Ticino, Switzerland I2618
54 PEDRONI, Maria Catharina  Abt 1732Ticino, Switzerland I2846
55 PERINI, Catarina  Abt 1665Ticino, Switzerland I2922
56 PERINI, Catharina  Abt 1687Ticino, Switzerland I2932
57 PERINI, Francisci  Abt 1675Ticino, Switzerland I2651
58 PERINI, Francisci  Abt 1703Ticino, Switzerland I2616
59 PERINI, Josephi  Abt 1733Ticino, Switzerland I2711
60 PERINI, Maria Catharina  Abt 1745Ticino, Switzerland I2698
61 PERINI, Maria Dominica  Abt 1707Ticino, Switzerland I2660
62 PRENEDINI, Dominica  Abt 1690Ticino, Switzerland I2570
63 PRENEDINI, Franciscus  Abt 1665Ticino, Switzerland I2305
64 RUSCONI, Joannina  Abt 1680Ticino, Switzerland I2817
65 RUSCONI, Thadeus  Abt 1652Ticino, Switzerland I2792
66 RUSCONI, Thadeus  Abt 1717Ticino, Switzerland I2787
67 SCERRI, Francisci Alterius  Abt 1694Ticino, Switzerland I2686
68 SCERRI, Francisco  Abt 1724Ticino, Switzerland I2831
69 SCERRI, Maria Margarita  Abt 1719Ticino, Switzerland I2820
70 STRINGA, Maria Dominica  Abt 1704Ticino, Switzerland I2925
71 STRINGA, Petri  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2812
72 TECCA, Catharina  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2867
73 VANOVA, Maria Magdalena  Abt 1726Ticino, Switzerland I2791
74 VAROZZA, Jacobi  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2304
75 VAROZZA, Joannes Baptista (Alterius)  Abt 1700Ticino, Switzerland I2649

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