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Duxbury, Plymouth, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALDEN, David  Abt 1642Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11753
2 ALDEN, Jonathan  Abt 1632Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11749
3 ALDEN, Mary  Abt 1638Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11751
4 ALDEN, Rebecca  Abt 1640Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11752
5 ALDEN, Ruth  Abt 1636Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11750
6 ALDEN, Sarah  Abt 1634Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11627
7 BARTLETT, Benjamin  Bef 6 Jun 1633Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11791
8 BARTLETT, Benjamin  1658Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14128
9 BARTLETT, Rebecca  Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14129
10 BARTLETT, Samuel  Abt 1662Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14130
11 BRADFORD, Samuel  2 Jan 1730Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20541
12 BREWSTER, Abigail  Mar 1682Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14152
13 BREWSTER, Benjamin  7 Jul 1688Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14142
14 BREWSTER, Elizabeth  1 May 1637Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14014
15 BREWSTER, Elizabeth  Bef Dec 1691Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14155
16 BREWSTER, Hannah  Sep 1688Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14154
17 BREWSTER, John  Abt 1697Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14157
18 BREWSTER, Jonathan  Bef Sep 1685Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14153
19 BREWSTER, Joseph  17 Mar 1693/1694Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14143
20 BREWSTER, Joshua  Abt 1698Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14144
21 BREWSTER, Lydia  11 Feb 1680Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14139
22 BREWSTER, Mary  10 Feb 1678/1679Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14150
23 BREWSTER, Mercy  7 Dec 1685Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14141
24 BREWSTER, Nathaniel  Abt 1637Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14022
25 BREWSTER, Nathaniel  8 Nov 1676Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14138
26 BREWSTER, Ruth  3 Oct 1631Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14012
27 BREWSTER, Sarah  Bef Mar 1682Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14151
28 BREWSTER, Sarah  Abt 1635Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11801
29 BREWSTER, Sarah  25 Apr 1674Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14137
30 BREWSTER, William  Abt 1645Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14023
31 BREWSTER, William  4 May 1683Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14140
32 BREWSTER, Wrestling  Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14024
33 BREWSTER, Wrestling  4 Aug 1695Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14156
34 GODFREY, Elizabeth  1623Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I6688
35 HARRIS, Isaac  Abt 1644Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I10461
36 HOWLAND, Zoeth  Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I12689
37 LEONARD, Isaac  Abt 1650Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20672
38 LEONARD, Jacob  Abt 1647Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20671
39 LEONARD, John  Abt 1645Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20670
40 LEONARD, Samuel  Abt 1643Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20669
41 LEONARD, Solomon  Aft 1650Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20673
42 MERRICK, William  Sep 1645Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I8659
43 PARTRIDGE, John  24 Nov 1659Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14146
44 PARTRIDGE, Sarah  1639Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14841
45 PRENCE, Jane  1 Nov 1637Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11559
46 ROGERS, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1639Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14195
47 ROGERS, John  3 Apr 1642Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20814
48 ROGERS, Joseph  19 Jul 1635Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14519
49 ROGERS, Mary  22 Sep 1644Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20815
50 ROGERS, Sarah  6 Aug 1633Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20812

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mary  16 Jun 1674Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I15836
2 ALDEN, Jonathan  14 Feb 1696/97Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11749
3 ALDEN, Joseph  8 Feb 1697Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11747
4 ALLEN, Samuel  1735Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I6592
5 ARNOLD, Captain Seth  1719/1721Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11834
6 BARTLETT, Benjamin  Aug 1691Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11791
7 BRADFORD, Samuel  17 Feb 1777Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I20541
8 BREWSTER, Love  1650/1651Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I8703
9 BREWSTER, William  3 Nov 1723Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14023
10 BREWSTER, Wrestling  1 Jan 1697Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14024
11 CHANDLER, Edmund  1662Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I12009
12 CHANDLER, Roger  1658/1665Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I9750
13 FULLER, Susanna  17 Mar 1782Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I19778
14 HOWLAND, Henry  Jan 1,1670/1671Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I15835
15 PARTRIDGE, George  7 Jul 1695Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I12098
16 PARTRIDGE, John  5 Apr 1731Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14146
17 PARTRIDGE, Lydia  2 Feb 1742/1743Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I14134
18 ROGERS, John  1691/1692Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I15026
19 SIMMONS, Mary  1697Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11756
20 SIMMONS, Moses  1689Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I6648
21 SOUTHWORTH, Constant  3/11/1678/1679Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11762
22 TRACY, Sarah  16 Nov 1708Duxbury, Plymouth, MA I11646


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALDEN / HALLETT  10 Dec 1672Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F7209
2 BARTLETT / BREWSTER  Aft 4 Apr 1654Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F7227
3 BREWSTER / PARTRIDGE  2 Jan 1672Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F8407
4 LEONARD / CHANDLER  Abt 1640Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F8478
5 MITCHELL / LATHRUP  14 Jan 1679/1680Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F7385
6 PARTRIDGE /   23 May 1700Duxbury, Plymouth, MA F8436