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Ticino, Switzerland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MENOVA, Francisci  Abt 1645Ticino, Switzerland I2532
2 CAPELLA, Jacobi  Abt 1650Ticino, Switzerland I2860
3 RUSCONI, Thadeus  Abt 1652Ticino, Switzerland I2792
4 CADRA, Antoni  Abt 1654Ticino, Switzerland I2898
5 Joanna  Abt 1658Ticino, Switzerland I2854
6 FRANCA, Francisci Alterius  Abt 1659Ticino, Switzerland I2724
7 CAPELLA, Joannes  Abt 1660Ticino, Switzerland I2874
8 GAGGIA, Thome  Abt 1662Ticino, Switzerland I2875
9 PERINI, Catarina  Abt 1665Ticino, Switzerland I2922
10 PRENEDINI, Franciscus  Abt 1665Ticino, Switzerland I2305
11 CAMPINI, Jacobus (Alterius)  Abt 1665Ticino, Switzerland I2703
12 BULOTTI, Joannes Jacobi  Abt 1668Ticino, Switzerland I2303
13 MENOVA, Dominica  Abt 1668Ticino, Switzerland I2920
14 CISTRELLA, Dominici  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2851
15 STRINGA, Petri  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2812
16 VAROZZA, Jacobi  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2304
17 TECCA, Catharina  Abt 1670Ticino, Switzerland I2867
18 CISTRELLA, Catharina  Abt 1672Ticino, Switzerland I2652
19 MENOVA, Benuda  Abt 1672Ticino, Switzerland I2654
20 BERETTA, Joannes  Abt 1673Ticino, Switzerland I2632
21 PAPINA, Jacobi Alterius  Abt 1675Ticino, Switzerland I2656
22 PERINI, Francisci  Abt 1675Ticino, Switzerland I2651
23 CAPELLA, Joannes Baptista  Abt 1678Ticino, Switzerland I2955
24 CADRA, Jacobi  Abt 1680Ticino, Switzerland I2933
25 RUSCONI, Joannina  Abt 1680Ticino, Switzerland I2817
26 FRANCA, Francisci  Abt 1684Ticino, Switzerland I2492
27 PAPINA, Joannes Antoni  Abt 1685Ticino, Switzerland I2956
28 PERINI, Catharina  Abt 1687Ticino, Switzerland I2932
29 GAGGIA, Catharina  Abt 1687Ticino, Switzerland I2738
30 CAPELLA, Aloysius  Abt 1690Ticino, Switzerland I2943
31 PEDRONCINI, Joannina  Abt 1690Ticino, Switzerland I2929
32 PEDRONCINI, Petri  Abt 1690Ticino, Switzerland I2713
33 PRENEDINI, Dominica  Abt 1690Ticino, Switzerland I2570
34 GHISLA, Martini  Abt 1693Ticino, Switzerland I2936
35 SCERRI, Francisci Alterius  Abt 1694Ticino, Switzerland I2686
36 GHISLA, Dominica  Abt 1699Ticino, Switzerland I2923
37 VAROZZA, Joannes Baptista (Alterius)  Abt 1700Ticino, Switzerland I2649
38 BERETTA, Maria Magdalena  Abt 1703Ticino, Switzerland I2702
39 PEDRONI, Josephi  Abt 1703Ticino, Switzerland I2618
40 PERINI, Francisci  Abt 1703Ticino, Switzerland I2616
41 STRINGA, Maria Dominica  Abt 1704Ticino, Switzerland I2925
42 PAPINA, Jacobi Antoni  Abt 1705Ticino, Switzerland I2835
43 PEDRONI, Joannes Antoni  Abt 1705Ticino, Switzerland I2727
44 PERINI, Maria Dominica  Abt 1707Ticino, Switzerland I2660
45 CAPELLA, Joannes  Abt 1708Ticino, Switzerland I2930
46 PEDRONCINI, Maria Margarita  Abt 1712Ticino, Switzerland I2714
47 RUSCONI, Thadeus  Abt 1717Ticino, Switzerland I2787
48 SCERRI, Maria Margarita  Abt 1719Ticino, Switzerland I2820
49 PEDRONCINI, Joannes Baptista  Abt 1722Ticino, Switzerland I2954
50 LAZZARA, Maria Catharina  Abt 1724Ticino, Switzerland I2909

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Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CADRA /   Ticino, Switzerland F1844
2 CAPELLA / PERINI  Abt 1685Ticino, Switzerland F1875
3 PAPINA / PEDRONCINI  Abt 1712Ticino, Switzerland F1854
4 PEDRONI / RUSCONI  Abt 1794Ticino, Switzerland F1943
5 PEDRONI / RUSCONI  Abt 1838Ticino, Switzerland F1908